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Our Services

We provide a wide range of services within the fields
of General, Preventive and Cosmetic Dentistry

•        Preventive Dentistry
•        X-rays
•        Restorative / Fillings
•        Cosmetic / Veneers
•        Whitening
•        Crowns and Bridges
•        Short Term Orthodontics (STO)
•        Dentures
•        Root Canal Therapy
•        Extractions
•        Laser Therapy
•        Mouthguards
•        Nightguards
•        Anti-anxiety Options
•        Emergencies


Everybody should visit a dentist once every six
months for a thorough examination, scale and
clean, and fluoride treatment, to maintain healthy
gums and teeth. Problems can be detected and
treated early.  Patient education is our priority with
the help of the intra-oral camera and thorough

We send out six monthly recalls to remind our
patients. Most health funds will fully or largely cover
the costs of their members for two check-ups and
clean annually.


X-rays are recommended every two years to help
check in between teeth and underneath fillings. If
there is a specific problem, an additional X-ray may
be recommended to help with diagnosis and
treatment planning. Our digital X-ray system will now
reduce radiation exposure by more than half.


Our practice only uses fillings made out of tooth
coloured composite resin for better long term health
and aesthetic purposes.


Depending on your needs and wants, we are happy
to discuss the best possible way to improve your
smile. It could range from composite or porcelain
veneers or other methods that may be available.


If a patient would like a brighter smile, we  
recommend  retainers that are custom made to be
fitted, followed by a week of take-home treatment to
be carried out at night.


Though it may sound costly,  in the long run, crowns
help protect heavily filled teeth which are very
brittle. It caps the tooth to prevent it from splitting
apart which may make it unsalvageable. Bridges if
indicated, helps replace a missing tooth.  Though
the two adjacent teeth need to be crowned, it is an
alternative option to dentures and implants.


Are you happy with your smile?  We are now
accredited to carry out STO on ''selected'' cases to
help realign your six front teeth.  Come in for some
photos and moulds to get a complimentary
assessment by a specialist orthodontist to see if you
are a suitable case.  To overcome your myths about
orthodontic treatment, see the QST video clip on
the left column above.


A common and economical method to replace
missing teeth to help function and aesthetics. It is a
removable appliance made out of either plastic
(acrylic) or metal (chrome cobalt) frame.


The nerve system in a tooth that is heavily filled or
traumatised, may sometimes become unhealthy and
infected causing toothaches or abscesses. This can
either be treated by extraction or root canal therapy.
Root canal therapy is usually carried out over three
visits.  This is done with our new rotary equipment to
help medicate and disinfect the root system. Due to
the brittleness of the tooth, we strongly recommend
that the tooth be crowned after root canal therapy.


We routinely carry out simple or minor surgical
extractions. We usually refer our patients to
specialist oral surgeons for wisdom teeth extractions.


Our Picasso Laser machine can perform
electrosurgery, provide gum and ulcer treatment.
It can be used for various applications when
required with minimal pain whilst promoting fast


We recommend mouth guards that are custom
made to fit for those who play contact sport.


With our busy lifestyles, many do not realise that
they may be grinding their teeth at night or even
during the day. Your facial muscles are most
relaxed when your teeth are apart. Therefore, if you
are clenching your teeth through the night, you may
not have a comfortable sleep or may wake up with a
headache or backache. Other symptoms include
signs of tooth wear, sharp or chipped teeth. A
nightguard is advised to help address the problem
and prevent tooth wear as your tooth structure will
never grow back!


To help put some patients at ease, we have
Penthrox  if they wish to administer it. Penthrox is
also known as the ‘ Green Stick’ commonly used by
the ambulance officers and at sporting events for
the injured. Methoxyflurane is poured into the wig
and the patient inhales the vapour which is meant to
have an analgesic and anti-anxiety effect.


We always do our best to help those in pain, so just
ring up and we will try to see you as soon as
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