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Under the Resource Efficiency Module of the Sustainability Advantage
Program,  we are able to assist your business to:

       improve waste, water and energy efficiencies  
       audit and assess environmental impact
       manage waste, water and energy project  
       Secure funding (eg. Clean Technology Funds) to reduce capital costs

Environmental Auditing Service

CTY EnviroTech is engaged in the environmental auditing covering four
major areas of costs and saving opportunities which are energy, water,
waste and transport.

The costs saving activities, that range from the comprehensive audit, full
assessment and detailed report of audit results, include steps and action
plans for activates that need to be undertaken so as to reduce the various
resources consumed.

This can assist communities, local councils, individual companies or
industry groups to correctly assess their resource use such as energy use,
and to provide a detailed plan on how to work more efficiently or to reduce
the demand on these resources.

Comprehensive tools are employed to gather and analyse the data, to
prepare detailed reports, to prepare an effective action plan and the
project management tool to make it all happen.

Our Objectives:

To embed sustainable thinking and practices in the workplace

To integrate corporate social responsibility results into the organization

To implement environmental sustainability practices into the organization.

To produce a comprehensive audit and database on the energy, water,
transport and waste usage as the starting point of an ongoing
environmental solution

To improve the quadruple bottom line of company
i.e. economic, environment, social and cultural impact

To create a smaller ecological footprint

To address climate change issues by the reduction of waste to landfill,
energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and water wastage

To build human resource capacity skills in environmental auditing and
sustainable management.
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