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Water Treatment Projects

       Water Recycling in Chicken Abbatoir  
       Recycling of Quarry Mine Water

Our Experience in Water Treatment

The filtration of oily products and wastewater using membrane technology

The anaerobic digestion of organic and inorganic wastewater

The treatment of organic and hazardous wastes (oil, rubber, starch,

Alternative viable waste utilisation in composting, vermi-culture, anaerobic
digestion, membrane technology

Environmental auditing (energy, waste and water)

case studies    


Partnership with Village Green on environmental auditing

Cross-flow membrane filtration system for the palm oil industry

Chemical analysis of organic fertiliser / soil conditioner

Composting and / vermi-culture in the palm oil industry

Environmental management of Car Wash

Key Activities

Cross Flow Membrane Filtration System.

The CTY Cross flow micro filtration system is aimed at production
industries where there is a high degree of oil / bio-based pollutants
generated from the production process.

The CTY Filtration system is a unique approach to the pollution problem
by addressing the problem before pollution is generated.

The innovative CTY solution is designed to:

  •  Reduce capital costs by eliminating many process steps.

  •  Remove the need for clarifiers and centrifuges.

  •  Reduce wastewater treatment costs

  •  Reduce maintenance costs

  •  Reuse clean water back into the process

  •  Provide a concentrated minimal sludge output, suitable for use as
............a soil conditioner.

  •  Produce a high grade quality oil

  •  Generate carbon credits
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